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Beolgyo in the Novel

  • richman Hyeon's House
  • Honggyo
  • Sohwa Bridge
  • Cheoldari / Iron Bridge
  • Finance Associotion Building
  • Namdo Inn
  • Kim Beomu's House
  • Hoejeongri Church
  • Writer Jo's Old House
  • Jungdo Embankment
  • Jintjeo(pass)
  • Hoejeong-ri, District 3
  • Sohwa's House
  • Pier and Warehouses
  • Police Station
  • Beolgyo Bazaar
  • Beolgyo Railway Station
  • Chabu bus Station
  • Namwonjang, Korean Restourant
  • Brewery
  • Beolgyo Nam Elementary School
  • Gwangju Company
  • Beolgyo Buk Elementary School
  • Yongyeonsa Temple
  • Beolgyo Park
  • Building of Young Men's Association
  • Jo-ae hospital
  • Deulmol (pyeongcheon)
  • Seokjeorijae (pass)
  • Juritjae (pass)
Richman Hyeon's House
Panorama of Hyeonbuja's House
  • Panorama of Hyeonbuja's House
  • The Side View of Hyeonbuja's House
  • Panorama of Hyeonbuja's House Viewed from High Elevation

This house is a building with unique style in combination of traditional Korean house and Japanese decorations, dominating the field from the hillside of Mt. Jeseoksan. In the novel, the house was described as Richman Hyeon's house.

"The place was broadly known as excellent spot showing really rate appearance even if anyone was ignorant of Feng Shui."[Taebaeksanmaek Vol I, p.14]
At the first stage of Taebaeksanmaek, this house is appeared first. Jeong Ha-seob, an secret agent of communists organization, called at Sohwa's house and use the house for his hiding place, detailed description of Hyeon and the house was spread. Hyeon's house was the nest of pitiful love between Sohwa and Ha-seop. so South Korean soldiers and policemen fought against partisan in this pass. It was very clever action that Yang Hyo-seok, born in Beolgyo, to construct encampment alongside the pass upon his being appointed as the district martial law administer.

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