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Taebaeksanmaek, a Novel

  • Jo Jeong Rae, the Author
  • Taebaeksanmaek, a Novel
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Jo Jeong Rae, the Author

Jo Jeong Rae, the writer of Taebaeksanmaek, has done remarkable creation activities since his being made debut the literary world by the recommendation of "Contemporary Literature" in 1970. Taebaeksanmaek is being read by many people as well as Arirang since their publication in 1980s. Hangang, published in 2002, was a completion of 3 serial works for contemporary Korean history and the record was the publication of 10 million books established for the first in Korean publication history.

His novel was translated and published in France, German, and Japan, and the movie and drama were produced also. Jo's career is stated below:

- Born at Seungju-gun, Jellanamdo in 1943
- Graduated from Seo Middle School at Gwangju, Boseong High School at Seoul, and the Korean Literature    School, Dongguk University
- Made debut by recommendation of Contemporary Literature in 1970
- Short story: A certain Legend, Land falling rains in 20 years, Regret, the position of the shade
- Midium-length story: The Land of Exile
- Long--length story: Buddhist Sutras
- River Novel: Taebaeksanmaek, Arirang, Hangang river
- Awarded for Contemporary Literature Prize, Korea Literature Prize, Seongok Cultrual

Prize, Dongguk Literature Prize, Novel Literature Prize, Danjae Literature Prize, and Lu Shen Literature Prize.

Currently, he is served for Chair Professor of the Korean Language and Literature School, Dongguk University.

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