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Taebacksanmaek Literary Hall

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 Taebaeksanmaek Literary Hall is located at the foot of Mt. Jeseoksan where Richman Hyeon’s House and Sohwa’s House which were shown at the first scene of the novel are built.

This hall was constructed with unique design by digging the foot of a mountain to crystallize the theme that disclosed the historical truth to the world through the novel Taebaeksanmaek.

 The county will conserve Taebaeksanmaek Literary Hall as the unification literary hall to contribute to the unification of divided countries through the rumination of the meaning of the novel and develop it to a famous place for worldwide literary travel.

 Especially, we will make various efforts to create an open, comfortable rest and complex cultural space so that cultural benefit can be participated for people.

 Please visit the hall any time you want. We will be delighted to see you.

 Thank you.

 Jeong Jong-hae
 Headman, Boseong-gun

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