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Intention of Establishment

1. To Contribute to scientific and systematic exhibition of the writer and his works

2. To commend intense writher sprit of Jo Jeong Rae projected to his works

3. To execute the role in key position to start and complete the literature travel to Novel Taebaeksanmaek

4. To examine the history of Beolgyo and division into north and south of the country again

5. To play a role in cultural hall for the region by providing open space to the people

Jo jeong Rae, the Author

Jo jeong Rae

- Born at Seungju-gun, Jellanamdo in 1943
- Graduated from Seo Middle School at Gwangju, Boseong High School at Seoul, and the Korean Literature School, Dongguk University
- Made debut by recommendation of Contemporary Literature in 1970
- Short story: A certain Legend, Land falling rains in 20 years, Regret, the position of the shade」
- Midium-length story: The Land of Exile
- Long--length story: Buddhist Sutras
- River Novel: Taebaeksanmaek, Arirang, Hangang river
- Awarded for Contemporary Literature Prize, Korea Literature Prize, Seongok Cultrual Prize,


The building was constructed at the hillside of Mt. Jeseoksan at Beolgyo with the suspending shape for Floor 2 based on the design by Worldwide Architect Kim Won toward north to pray for the unification of Korea.

Beolgyo in to Novel
Frontal View of the Hyeonbuja's House
  • Hwanggaet Bridge (Hong Bridge)
  • Panorama of Jungdobangjuk.  A boat is docked there.
  • Birth House of Writer Jo Jung-Rae
  • Panorama of Juritjae

Guide to Admission

- Opening Hours
: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (winter)
: 6:00 p.m. (summer)

- Holiday
: Monday, First day of Lunar Calendar Year, Chuseok (Korean Harvest Moon Day)

- Phone
: +82-61-858-2992